Client Testimonials

Hi, We have just picked up emails re first month’s rent on new tenants. Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and your team for dealing with everything over the last month so promptly and efficiently whilst keeping us updated. You dealt with a difficult situation limiting our stress. Hopefully the new tenant can now enjoy a fresh, clean property, and keep it that way. Happy LANDLORD 

What a fantastic agency you are!!!  I wish you were in Bedfordshire!!! as would give you all of ours to manage. New Landlord 

Thank you for the prompt inspection its excellent to see you acting so efficently regarding the property. Please arrange repairs through your contractors

regards  Peter landlord

Hi Becky

I just wanted to say what a fabulous team of ladies you have working for you. At every touch point I've had, they have been professional, friendly and efficient. 

In particular, Nicki has been fantastic in helping to sort out my new tenant. 

Well done to you all and thank you for helping me to find a new tenant, once again. 

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.

 Kindest regards


Can we just say also, how happy we have been with the service we have received from you since being with you,  thank you.

Kind regards Landlord moved from another Agent recently


Thank you for your email, for the report and for everything else to be honest :)

Thank you for helping us from the very beginning, its much appreciated.  

 All the best to you and everyone at Castle Homes ♥



Thank You

First of all, we'd like to thank you for all and our landlord for having us at the property. It was our home for the whole year and we loved it ! It has been a year with a lot of challenges, yet a lot of wonderful experiences too. We are on another chapter now, but are staying in Lowestoft for many more years we hope.

Thank you all again, You all wee absolutely amazing, very helpful on every occasssion and every time we've reached for you. Thank you xxx

Tenant moving out 

Hi Nicky 

Brilliant Thank-you! 

Also just wanted to say thanks for being so lovely whenever I have a query! I’m usually quite anxious to call but you settle my nerves straight away.  Everyone is usually quick to criticise or say when they aren’t happy so I thought a little positive feedback on your Monday morning would be nice. 

Take care


I’ve had a read through and my wife has too. We’re happy with the report and, as always, we’re happy to be led by you.

 Very impressed with the service we get from you, thank you. Landlord 

I have been with your company now for 3 years and in this time the way you conduct yourself is very professional, I like the idea of the portal so I can log on and print statements or look at inspections, you inform me straight away if anything needs doing, what work is carried out on the house is reasonable so why would I do anything else but to stay with you. 


Thank you again

Adam (Landlord)

Thank you

 And I look forward to being a good tenant.

 I would take this opportunity to say what professional organization you are

 Many thanks Ian (Tenant) 

Thank you once again for the good service you are providing. 

Charles and Janet  (Landlords)

These tenants are first rate just as needed, I believe their here to stay as their now moving plants in. Just to say thank-you to you and the girls. Regards TO Landlord 

Hi Freya,

We are settling in very well, we LOVE the house and we have Great neighbours.

Would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU  to ALL at Castle Homes for helping us to move in.

Thanks New Tenant

I would like to send my thanks to all the Castle Homes team for your help and support during the furlough / lockdown period 



On behalf us as new tenants, we would like to thank you and your team for all your help in securing this property, you have been invaluable!

New Tenant


Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude and thank you for making our tenancy an enjoyable and relatively stress-free one.

I would especially like to express my thanks for your recent patience and tolerance whilst I have been particularly serious physically and mentally unwell to a much greater extent than you were aware of.

We believe the fair and balanced way that you keep all parties accountable and respected should be the standard but in our experience, you are the exception rather than the rule. Thank you for keeping the way you provide your service compassionate, understanding, fair and flexible. It would be very easy to do everything with bureaucratic formality and distance yourselves from the humanity of your clients with a strict adherence to box-ticking that blindly ignores any context.

Thank you for remaining thoughtful and friendly as well as responsible and professional.

Tenant at interim inspection 

Thank you for your hard work and efficient manner of dealing with our property.
J & C (landlords)

Good evening Becky

I hope all is well. I came home from work today to see that we had a new fence in the garden which was fantastic! Thank you for getting it all sorted for us so quickly, it is greatly appreciated

Best regards


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the prompt service we received finding a new tenant and getting him in the property. Financially, a relief to get the cottage let again so quickly.

Thank you to you both and your supporting team.

Kind regards


Hi Lauren,

That’s brilliant! Can’t thank you enough for all your help. I think this is the most straightforward letting process I’ve ever been through!

New tenant 


Many thanks for allowing me to rent your home, in which I felt safe enough

to resolve so much that is important to me

From a Tenant at move out

I would like to thank you all at Castle Homes for your help and support when needed during my tenancy at Flat 3. You have been fantastic.


Yours sincerely, 

Thank you for your time and we would like to express that, in our opinion, Castle Homes Lettings has been a unparalleled in its service so far; it has been a painless service run by friendly, approachable and professional people. New Tenant.


Hello team, Thank you for all the help you're giving us.

Regards: Mr and Mrs A (Landlords)

hi Becky

thanks for that. can i just say a massive thanks for all your efforts on this one much appreciated.


Andy (Tenant)


Hi Becky

Thank you so much, you're amazing as always.

Kind regards


Thank you very much for getting in touch and for being far far the best agency I ever had.

Wishing castle homes & Becky all the best in life.

Thank you.


Many thanks for your exceptional work. GM, Landlady


That’s great Becky you do such a great job

LD - Landlord



Thank you to both yourself and Simon – I’m very grateful for your assistance. DF (Landlord)


Dear Rebecca / Lauren,

Many thanks for your correspondence. We’re greatly impressed, and appreciate very much, that you’ve acted so quickly on this! GB (portfolio Landlord)


Thanks Becky – I appreciate you taking such an interest in the property. D (Landlord of very old and beautiful property)


Dear Becky and Lauren




All money cleared and in our account once again many thanks to you both for all your help and making things as straight forward and easy as you did hopefully things will be that straightforward in the future




Cheers again G & S (Landlords)


Hi Beccy wanna thank u so much for everything u and Lauren have done for me, please tell my Landlord thank u as well i won't let him down, gonna give u biggest cuddle ever wen I see u nxt cos I know I would be gone if weren't for you thank you so much again  xx C (Tenant)  


Good Morning Becky


Would just like to say Thank You for being understanding regarding help with my renewal.

That was very kind of you.

Also I would like to Thank You for the quick service regarding the shed roof, its all fixed now.

Also the boiler man came and we found a leak in the front room which he said he will report back to your first before doing the work. 


Overall just Thanks :)


E (tenant)


"An extremely, efficient, proffessional organisation, who have managed my properties and always provided an excellent service" - Angela Bruce - Landlady

Fantastic good work can't recommend highly enough.

Dean Dub - Tenant

Brilliant***** Best place I have co-operated with in a long time.

Jake Mason

Rebecca has done us proud with our houses for several years. Now she is going it alone and I am confident she will do great from her past experience in property. BEST OF LUCK

Jeremy Balls